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10 Quotes From Fashion Icons That Will Inspire You

Do you ever have those days where you don't feel like getting out of your sweats? Let's be real, those days happen more than we'd like to admit. However, that doesn't mean your fashion sense has to stop there. If you're stuck in a rut about what to wear or why you even loved fashion in the first place, here are some quotes from some of the most iconic fashion designers that will inspire you. 

10 Quotes From Fashion Icons That Will Inspire You

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1. "In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different." — Coco Chanel

I'm a firm believer that everyone is unique and that is what makes us special. Not to be cliche, but it's true. If you want to stray away from the trends, do it. If you want to wear bold prints, do it. If you want to wear tons of glitter, do it. 

2. "Don't be into trends. Don't make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live." — Gianni Versace

Trends are everywhere making them hard to escape. Sometimes it feels that in order for us to be "popular" or with the "in crowd" that we have to follow trends. While that may be true in some cases, fashion is a way for you to express yourself. Don't let a trend dictate your style of what you wear. Trust me, it's not worth it. 

3. "Fashions fade, style is eternal." — Yves Saint Laurent

I agree that fashion does fade over time. What was fashionable 40 years ago isn't in fashion right now. However, style never really changes. The way clothing is styled speaks volumes about you and your personality. Never let fashion get in the way of that. 

4. "Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it." — Diane von Furstenberg

Personally, I've had a hard time developing my sense of style because it tends to be all over the place. However, over time, I've realized that is my style. My sense of style is eccentric, colorful and all over the place and that's okay. The important part is that I found it and so can you!

5. "I always find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect, they are much more interesting." —Marc Jacobs

There is a sense of beauty in the things that are odd and imperfect. It's hard to pinpoint, but they are beautiful because of their differences. Take a second to appreciate the world around you regardless of how weird it might seem and find beauty in it. 

6. "Whoever said that money can't buy happiness, simply didn't know where to go shopping." — Bo Derek

I don't think money can buy happiness, however I relate to the sentiment. There is a sense of happiness that comes after buying a beautiful outfit or window shopping at one of your favorite stores. 

7.  “Clothes have nothing until someone lives in them.” — Marc Jacobs

When clothing sits on a rack, it's just a piece of fabric. It is a person that brings clothes to life. A person's personality, style and body is what give the clothes dimension and everyone has that ability to make them their own. 

8. “Fashion has always been a repetition of ideas, but what makes it new is the way you put it together.”— Carolina Herrera

I've always considered this when it comes to fashion because it's true. There are so many different clothes and accessories out there, but what keeps it fresh and exciting is the way you style it. 

9. "You can have anything you want. If you dress for it." — Edith Head

One of the best pieces of advice I've ever received is to "dress for success." It doesn't have to be name brand clothes, but dressing for success means wearing what makes you feel most confident. Whether it's your favorite dress suit or pencil skirt, pick something that makes you feel like the best version of yourself. 

10. "Women who wear black have colorful lives." — Neiman Marcus

I know black is a slimming color and matches with everything, but sometimes I can't help but wonder if the person behind the clothes is dull. In many cases, it is the people who look dark and dreary that have the most colorful stories!

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