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5 Black Owned Fashion Brands You Need To Check Out

Fashion has the power to make people feel more confident in the skin they're in and let their true colors shine. Since the fashion industry is so large, it's more important now than ever, to think about where your money is going when it comes to shopping. If you're looking to support more black owned fashion brands, then keep reading.

5 Black Owned Fashion Brands You Need To Check Out

1. Grass-Fields

nacre grass field fashion brand

Grass-Fields hits close to home because it was founded by Cameroonian twin sisters and I'm also a twin! Grass-Fields was created with the goal to put the love back into African print clothing again. The brand carries dresses, tops, headwraps, kimonos and much more all in vibrant, bold patterns. Take a step out of your comfort zone with Grass-Fields. Don't be intimidated by color, it can be fun! You'll never know if you like it unless you try it!

2. Love, Vera

Love Vera lingerie nacre bodysuits

Fashion is so fun and exciting because it gives us a chance to feel confident and powerful. One of the most powerful pieces of clothing a woman can own is lingerie. Personally, I don't own lots of lingerie because usually the sizing isn't inclusive of all body shapes and types, but Love,Vera changing that for women all around the nation. Love, Vera is a lingerie brand that celebrates black women, black entrepreneurship and black cultural influence. Love, Vera prides itself on working to make the fashion industry more diverse with models of all shapes, sizes and complexions. 

3. Chinero Nnamani

Chinero Nnamani nacre bodysuit

Personally, I love vintage clothing because there is something so chic and timeless about it. Chinero Nnamani is taking vintage to the next level with their African-inspired pieces. Chinero Nnamani is known for eye-catching prints and bright colors that bring the pieces to life. If you're tired of solid colors, this vintage brand will get you out of your comfort zone in no time! 

4. Tier NYC

Tier NYC

Tier NYC is a streetwear brand which was developed by three young entrepreneurs living in New York City. "Art never dies" is Tier NYC's mission and the brand works to keep that alive through the creation of clothing that you can feel confident about wearing. From hoodies and space pants to flannels and varsity jackets, Tier NYC has something for everyone. Even if streetwear isn't your go-to clothing of choice, you can always use a fresh pair of socks. Even celebrities such as Carmelo Anthony, Jimmy Butler, Big Sean have been seen sporting this rising fashion brand.

5. Cushnie

Cushnie Nacre bodysuits

CUSHNIE is a luxury women’s ready-to-wear and bridal brand. CUSHNIE's clothing is perfect for those women who want to achieve a cosmopolitan minimalist look with a touch of femininity. CUSHNIE has been worn by many well-known celebrities including Michelle Obama, Beyoncé, Gal Gadot, etc. Not only are celebrities wearing CUSHNIE, but you can too. CUSHNIE just released a line of mid-length dresses at Target for those looking to shop the look for less! 

If you know of any other black owned fashion brands, please let us know by messaging us on Instagram: @LoveNacre



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