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The 5 Fashion Shows To Watch On Netflix While Stuck At Home

There is only so much you can do while stuck at home whether it is working out, doing homework, cleaning or working. Those tasks of daily life aren't the most exciting. However, you do have the ability to take time for yourself and engage in an activity that brings you joy. Some people like baking and others like binge watching on Netflix. If you're reading this, then you probably like fashion and Netflix. There is no better time to learn about fashion than while stuck at home. Here is a list of five fashion shows you should be watching on Netflix:

1. Next In Fashion

Tan France Next In Fashion Netflix Nacre

Similar to hit-show Project Runway, Netflix's Next in Fashion takes fashion to the next level. Next in Fashion is a competition series hosted by Queer Eye star Tan France and model Alexa Chung. The series follows 18 contestants through weekly challenges to create the best looks which are then presented in front of a panel of judges. The show differs from other reality shows because the contestants have fabric at their disposal and the hosts can come to their aid helping gather any materials they might need. Many of the contestants on the show have experience in the fashion industry and are competing for a prize of $250,000 courtesy of Net-A-Porter.

2. Styling Hollywood

Styling Hollywood Netflix Nacre

Netflix's Styling Hollywood follows the lives of Hollywood stylist Jason Bolden and his interior design husband, Adair Curtis. Throughout the series, Bolden is tasked with styling some of Hollywood's most influential stars during red carpet season. Bolden is most popular for spreading what he calls "black girl magic" which involves raising the fashion reputation of stars of color with his exquisite and unique fashion sense. If you are intrigued by fashion in the entertainment industry, Styling Hollywood gives the backstage glimpse that you've been waiting for all these years.

3. 100% Hotter

100 Percent Hotter Netflix Nacre

Netflix’s 100% Hotter is for those who are looking for a show with a full makeover from the inside out. The fashion show features stylist Grace Woodward, designer Daniel Palmer and makeup artist Melissa Sophia who are tasked with the challenge of toning down peoples bold fashion and makeup choices without losing what makes them special. From watching the show, the phrase “less is more,” has never been more important. This is something many of us can think about while stuck at home. How can we use fashion to showcase what makes us special?

4. Girl Boss

Girl Boss Netflix Nacre

Working from home is not ideal for many, but Netflix's Girl Boss takes viewers through the life of Sophia Amoruso who goes from barely getting to by making a living out of buying old clothes and then falsely marketing them on eBay. The series follows Amoruso's ups and downs and those of the fashion industry. While you might not learn a lot about fashion from Girl Boss, the shows involvement of fashion marketing can be insightful.

5. Glow Up 

Glow Up Netflix Makeup BBC Nacre

While makeup doesn’t involves clothes, I think it is a form of fashion. Makeup provides the user the ability to express themselves and isn’t that what fashion is all about? Netflix’s Glow Up follows 10 makeup artists from around the UK as they compete in different challenges for the grand prize of landing a contract with a leading makeup artist. The contestants on the show aren’t your typical makeup artists. They use makeup to paint pictures on faces and create works of art that catch the eye. If you like drag makeup, then you will definitely be interested in this series which is filled with creativity.

Staying home might not be the most fun, but these fashion shows on Netflix can help to pass the time. Let us know what your favorite fashion shows are on Netflix by leaving a comment below! 



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