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Black Lives Matter - We Stand With You

We are living in such a difficult time physically, emotionally and mentally. What we're not going to do is let another injustice slip under the rug once again. We do not tolerate inequality and injustice. It is our time to use our voice and stand up for what is right. 

Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter. 


The movement is back on the forefront of society after the death of George Floyd. According to the New York Times, an autopsy concluded that his death was a homicide, brought about by compression of his neck and back by Minneapolis police officers. 

This is yet again another act of senseless violence towards the Black community from members of the police department who are supposed to be protecting its citizens. 

As a result of this injustice, people are taking initiative to get involved and raise the voices of the voiceless. Throughout the country, people have gathered in major cities such as New York City and Philadelphia to protest the death of Floyd who died while in police custody. 

It is easy to feel powerless and defeated in such a difficult situation, but there are ways you can help. 

Consider donating to local bail funds in your area or participating in #BlackOutTuesday on social media to help lift the voices of those who need to be heard during this time. 

Click HERE to find out more ways you can help. 

We are with you. 




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