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Fall 2020 Trends

As we all know, fall is officially here and we’re slowly creeping into winter!

Fall is personally my favorite season of the year because fashion-wise, what's not to love?? In the fall, I finally feel like my outfits can be complete from my boots to skirts to jackets; fall allows you to have a range of options to pick from your closet. 

Fall is also the ULTIMATE layering season. So that Nacre Bodysuit in your closet? Pair it with some jeans or a midi skirt, throw on a leather jacket, sweater, or blazer, and you're good to go.


Now let's dive into some of the Fall 2020 fashion trends we have seen.

  1. Sweater Vests

An unexpected but welcome trend has been the sweater vest return, and yes, I do mean the 1970's clothing staple that your parents probably used to wear. But it's back, and it is the perfect fall staple. A sweater vest is extremely versatile and can be layered an infinite amount of times. Add it on top of a t-shirt, long sleeve, or button-up, and pair it with skirts, jeans, pants, and so on. The sweater vest is also the perfect layer under any jacket without making you feel bulky.

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/450148925260982596/?nic_v2=1anoIBKor

  1. Leather Jackets

Leather jackets have been a fall classic for quite a long time as they are quite functional and timeless pieces. You can find faux leather jackets at almost any clothing store or thrift store. But a new trend we have seen has been the change from cropped leather jackets to leather blazers and dusters. These longer pieces provide a cool and chic vibe to any outfit. Once again, this item is extremely versatile as you can throw it on top of any outfit as you head out the door. 

  1. Animal Print

Another surprising return has been animal print. But not necessarily the early 2000's animal print that came in every color of the rainbow with lace trim and satin bows. 2020 animal print is much more classic. We return to neutral colors and no fuss fabrics. Animal print such as cheetah and zebra print has been wildly popular for button-up tops and skirts as well as other items. While I personally never thought that cheetah print would make a comeback, I can admit that I am a big fan of this trend. My favorite way to style animal print is in a neutral-toned button up top that can be tied into a knot and worn with skirts or jeans. 

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/450148925260982567/?nic_v2=1anoIBKor
  1. Neutral Tones

This leads us perfectly into our next trend, neutral tones. Beige, white, grey, brown, peach and black are the primary colors that we have seen this fall, and they look phenomenal. Wearing a neutral tone does not mean that your outfit has to be boring. These neutral colors are perfect for layering and pairing with brighter tones. Give your outfit a pop of color with your jacket or skirt and let the neutral colors complete and harmonize the outfit. These neutral tones are essential for your Fall closet. 

  1. Mid-Calf Boots

I absolutely love boots. Boots have always been and will always be a Fall fashion staple. Whether they be your favorite pair of Doc Martens, rain boots, booties, or so on, boots are the perfect fall shoe. Not only do they offer warmth and often more protection to the seasonal elements, but they also can pair well with any bottom. But this year, the boot of the season is the mid-calf boot. It is not quite as high as our past knee-high boots, but these boots seem to hit anywhere from a couple of inches below the knee to just a couple of inches past the ankle. These versatile boots are also great because you can pair them with a shorter summer skirt and a jacket and turn said summer skirt into a fall skirt while still saving your legs from the cold. 

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/651966483551200800/?nic_v2=1anoIBKor


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