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The 5 Cosmetic Glitter Gels You Need To Add To Your Makeup Routine

Feeling confident is something we all deserve to feel regardless of what society might say. Here at Nacre, we believe that fashion has the power to make you feel your best. Let's be honest. When you're wearing your favorite outfit and a bomb makeup look, there's nothing stopping you. Over the past few years, I have developed a love for cosmetic glitter. I believe that glitter has the power to make us shine and feel confident. My glitter journey has been a long one, trying to find the best products that not only shine, but last all day long. I've compiled some of my favorites and I'm going to share those with you. 

The 5 Best Cosmetic Glitter Gels You Need 

1. Trixie Cosmetics - 1969 

trixie cosmetics glitter gel nacre fashion

Drag Queen Trixie Mattel launched her own cosmetics company last year and they specialize in lipstick and glitter. I have several Trixie Cosmetics products, but my favorite by far is 1969. This strawberry colored loose glitter is perfect for topping off any eye look. While this isn't necessarily a glitter gel, eyeshadow primer or cosmetic glitter glue will do just the trick to set it in place.

2. Uniglitter Cosmetics - Purple Unicorn 

nacre cosmetic glitter gel uniglitter

Uniglitter is my ultimate go-to cosmetic glitter gel when it comes to my daily makeup routine. The reason I love Uniglitter is because it stays on all day long and I don't have to worry about fall out. The shade Purple Unicorn gives off major galaxy vibes and shines so bright. This cosmetic glitter gel can easily be applied with your finger as it smoothly glides onto the skin. It's even made with natural aloe that helps nourish your skin!

3. Elektra Cosmetics - Pink Lux Bolt Balm 

nacre elektra cosmetics glitter gel pink

Elektra Cosmetics was the first cosmetic glitter gel I ever tried and is probably my favorite. If you're a pink fanatic, then this Pink Lux Bolt Balm will be your best friend. Not only does it have shapes of stars and circles, but it also has fine glitter in the gel to give it that extra sparkle. 

Pro Tip: Use a lint roller to take off your facial glitter to prevent it from getting all over your floor. 

4. Tarte Cosmetics - Treasure Pot Glitter Gel

tarte cosmetics nacre glitter gel face

Tarte's Treasure Pot cosmetic glitter gel is perfect for those who want a more subtle shine. I use the word subtle lightly because it is still extremely bright, but it's only really noticeable when the sun is shining directly on your face. I'd recommend this glitter gel for work or more professional occasions because you can still have that sparkle without standing out too much. 

5. Unicorn Snot - Pink Holographic Glitter Gel

cosmetic glitter gel nacre unicorn snot

Unicorn Snot is ideal for those who are looking to step into the world of cosmetic glitter. I'd consider this glitter more on the lighter side because it doesn't have any chunks in it. If you prefer more of a subtle glow, then this gel is for you. Not only is it lightweight, but it stays on all day long. 

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