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Tik Tok Models You Should Be Following In 2020

Tik Tok is helping to pass the time while stuck at home with its short and funny video content. This app has increased in popularity over the last few years and there are videos for those of all interests from mental health and comedy to fashion and modeling. Here at Nacre, we are all about helping women to feel empowered and confident. One way to boost your confidence is to look at other models in action living their best life. Here is a list of five Tik Tok models you should follow if you're looking for some positivity or inspiration for your next look. 

Tik Tok Models You Should Be Following 

1. Madeline Ford

nacre madeline ford tik tok model

Madeline Ford is an up and coming Tik Tok influencer who is making her mark in the online modeling community. Ford is best known for providing her followers with advice about starting a career in modeling and finding a market. In addition, Ford also shares beauty tricks and hacks to make you stand out from the rest such as how to achieve the perfect long lashes and how to pose for digitals. If you want to follow Ford, make sure to follow her on Tik Tok: @MadelineaFord.

2. Issy Dawson

nacre issy dawson model tik tok

Issy Dawson is an Australian model who is has gained a following on Tik Tok from posting her glamour shots and behind-the-scenes videos. Dawson is not afraid to get creative when it comes to using props and glitter during her shoots. I'm a huge glitter fanatic and that is what originally attracted me to Dawson's page. Whether you're looking for new photo ideas or modeling poses, Dawson has it all. Follow her on Tik Tok: @Issy_Dawson.Official.

3. Lani Baker Randol

lani baker model nacre tik tok

Lani Baker Randol is both a model and an actress with a dedicated following of nearly 4.8M followers. Randol gives followers an inside look into her life as a model, a married woman and a woman in society. Some of her behind-the-scenes Tik Tok videos give viewers a glimpse into the work that goes into being photo-ready and the camera magic that makes the images come to life. Make sure to follow her: @Lani.Baker.

4. Alexis Bree

nacre alexis bree fenton tik tok models

Alexis Fenton is a curve model from Australia who is all about promoting body positivity and self acceptance at any size. Not only is Fenton a model, but she is also a mother looking to serve as a positive role model for her son. Fenton's videos make you want to get up, smile and dance because life is too short not to have fun. Fenton is an ambassador for FashionNovaCurve and is signed to Wink Model Agency. Watch some of her Tik Tok videos: @Alexis_Bree.

5. Riley Gaynor 

riley gaynor model tik tok nacre

Riley Gaynor is a model on Tik Tok who is gaining traction for her modeling tips and tricks, workout ideas and behind-the-scenes videos. Gaynor has videos such as tips for walking on the runway, getting ready for an audition and how to make a modeling portfolio. If you're looking for advice on how to be a model, follow @Riley_Gaynor for your modeling needs and questions. 


Modeling is about embracing who you are and letting your beauty shine through for the camera. If modeling isn't for you, there is still lessons to be learned from these models such as how to love yourself and ways to practice self-care. 




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